My Role Model – Alexander Gustafsson

Gustafsson started training boxing at the age of ten. In 2006 he started training MMA and in November 27th 2007 Gustafsson fought his first match. I like Gustafsson because he is strong and fights hard and never gives up. Once I went and trained and I was so tired but when I thought about him and about how tough he is, I got a lot of good energy. I like MMA and I started training in 2016 and I stopped 2018.


Written by: Amir

My Role Model – My Grandfather

I had a grandfather that I do not know but my family have told me about him. He had 8 children who are my uncles. It was a very difficult time for him and the work was hard because he had to get food for the children. He had small children, four or five years old at the same time, and had to get everything that everyone needed. My mother tells me that it was very hard but she never lacked anything but she still struggled a lot.

Already in the 1950s when he was very young he had to leave the house and leave the children with their mother and go to look for work in another city. He needed to send the family money and fought hard to visit them. He became very well educated. He wanted to save money for his children.

My mother told me about one thing that her father told her: people will build fantastic things, and just think about today’s technology.

He was a strong and smart man.


Written by: Ibrahim

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